Posted by Mraz

November 2, 2013

This company was born out of countless hours of daydreaming, a love for culture, travel, and wine.

After college, I spent several years yo-yoing up and down the Western Hemisphere (i.e. working in Alaska, going to Central America, back to Alaska, back down to South America…without the use of any airplanes). I kept track of the time I spent in trains, buses, and hitchhiking from Valdez, Alaska to La Paz, Bolivia; 311 hours, over a four month period. The journey lasted several years and during the entire time I encountered objects unique to the region (i.e. Oaxacan candles, Guatemalan textiles, Cuye de picante, halibut cheeks, etc). Objects which represent and express “the place”. Being a free-wheeling-backpacker, I was in no position to bring anything home. But I had plenty of room to carry the desire to share these things with those who would appreciate them. Eventually I stayed in San Francisco and worked in cubicles. This desire I had acquired from traveling had become ingrained in my existence.

Fast forward about 9 years. I started making wine for fun with my buddy, Adam Brayshaw. We talked about the ubiquitous dream of owning a vineyard & winery and how “it takes a large fortune to make a small fortune in the wine business”. My attitude and education taught me to question everything: is the wine industry only for wealthy folks? Mostly so, but there is room for me and my daydreams.

Time to dream out loud: to place the essence of a wines origin into your hands.

The first step was taken with the peaceful acceptance of either of the following two outcomes. I would import 3 pallets of wine (150-something cases) from Argentina. These wines would either end up in restaurants, wine bars, and wine shops OR I would be stuck with enough wine to get me and my friends through the next couple of years. Fortunately, the former was mostly true and the latter was partially true.

Three years into this venture, I’ve decided to put up a new web site and use blogging to communicate a bit about the journey and some of the more interesting things that have happened along the way and above all, share some insight into what makes wine more than just something you drink. Wine is people, land, culture, intelligence and passion. You can say most anything is one or two of these paradigms, but wine is all of them. This is what I intend to illuminate through my blogging.